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The selection below showcase a select few examples of Axolotl’s capabilities. Individually unique in their own right, we are also capable of combining our products to create truly bespoke masterpieces. From the smallest sculpture to multi-story developments, we encourage our clients to push the possibilities of what is achievable using Axolotl metals, glass, concrete and timbers.




Link is a fusion of Axolotl metals applied as a custom design to the surface, or inlaid, into timber veneers or solid timber. Virtually any design can be incorporated into the timber from fine lace to bold geometric patterns. Link is available in a range of timbers and timber veneers and available in all Axolotl metals and concrete coatings.




Ingrain fuses the lustre of Axolotl Metal with the natural warmth and beauty of wood to create an unparalleled alternative for flooring and wall panelling. By bonding the timber with Axolotl Metal fine details of the grain can be read through, creating the appearance of timber cast in solid metal. It delivers a hardwearing surface and is suitable for internal and external applications for commercial and residential projects. 

Other possible applications for Ingrain are counters, feature walls, bar fronts, joinery or table tops. Ingrain flooring doesn’t require any onsite finishing and with the patina evolving over time as the metal is polished by passing foot traffic. Ingrain is available in a range of timbers and with all Axolotl metals.




Florence Broadhurst’s internationally celebrated designs are now available to be used with Axolotl. Over 500 iconic prints ranging from tapestries to geometrics, florals, psychedelic, and delightfully eccentric chinoiserie can now be transformed into breathtaking laser cut screens, custom entry doors, feature walls and more. 

To help inspire your next project, we showcase examples of how Florence Broadhurst designs can be used with Axolotl processes for your next project.

To see more designs and options in the gallery click here.